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Christ 4 Kids




We have been very blessed for the past 4 years to be able to provide Sunday school snacks to the children in some of the villages and are in need for donations as the church grows. Each tin contains 5 Kg of crackers/cookies, is a one month supply for about 20-30 kids and it cost as much as a fancy cup of coffee. If you would like to make a one year commitment of $6.00/mo or more, follow the Donate link above with memo: Christ 4 Kids cookies.





School supplies 2016


3000 notebooks and 2500 pens & pencils were distributed to over 1000 children/40 villages.Most of the children would not be able to start school (2016-17) without your help.Thank you to all the generous offering.

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Children at Ta sorng (តាស៊ង), Bot sala (បត់សាលា), and Ksach poy (ខ្សាច់ពោយ) village with their new school supplies.



Children at Beung O’Lork(បឹងឧិឡោក) with their school supplies, cookies and new skirts.

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Chamka Somrong(ចំការសំរោង) children got their snack during Sunday school.

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Mission Trip to Cambodia
July 04, 2012

After the team from Diamond Canyon Christian Church, Diamond Bar, Ca  finished with Leadership Training, Christopher LaPel continued with the Children’s ministry (Christ 4 kids).

cambodia1               cambodia2

We are visiting house church in Krang Leiu, Takeo province.
There are eleven people in our team, the Ouklore family, the Lapels, the Eklons, Jim Fuller, Pastor Chantou, and Pastor Sanara.

cambodia3                  cambodia4

The road is not paved, but drivable. Approximately 200 families live in Krang Leiu, and most of them are farmers.

cambodia6                       cambodia5

Children and adults are anxious to watch the animation movies, the “Righteous Judge” and” Bread from Heaven”.

cambodia7                    cambodia8

The children enjoy eating cookies and watching movies, the adults thank God for the medication to help them with headaches, pain,and vitamins and minerals.

cambodia9                cambodia10

Aaron Eklon and Alex and Nicholas Ouklore are excited to distribute the cookies and bag the medicine.