2014 Mission Trip

2014 Mission Trip



Sharing is caring (L). (R) The new story book “The lost is found” in Khmer and English, written, illustrated and printed by DC3 team.


Kromar for the leaders
Kromar for the leaders


Our first stop, Beung O’Lork village-ភូមិបឹងឧិឡោក


Chilren at Kos Krolaw village-ភូមិគាស់ក្រឡ, got their books, shirts and toys.


For 2 weeks in June, a team of students and volunteers mostly from Diamond Canyon Christian Church and Golden west Christian Church endured scorching weather and high humidity to serve in Battambang, Cambodia. The group was divided into 7 teams – leadership training (LTI), teaching English (ESL), computer lab, medical/dental providers, personal grooming, handy women and village ministry.

Prayer groups started at 5AM followed by the intense training of LTI, ESL and the computer lab. 300 people attended daily for an entire week. Over 250 pairs of sunglasses, 200 reading glasses and 350 t-shirts, as well as personal hygiene items were distributed.

On week 2, a team of doctors and dentists arrived with their assistants together with a mobile denture lab. The event was led by Dr. Frank Cho, a professor of dentistry from Phnom Penh University. For that entire week, hundreds of locals from the surrounding villages and as far out as Chamkar Somrong were able to receive medical or dental treatment, many for the first time. The mobile dental lab provided over 20 sets of dentures at no charge.

In addition to providing medical and dental care, separate volunteer teams also worked on mosquito-proofing the home of a staff member while a village ministry team visited many villages within a day’s journey to distribute vitamins, toys and Bible storybooks in the Khmer language.

Praise God for His grace and many thanks to all who participated.