The Hope Bible Institute

cambodia00The Hope Bible Institute (HBI) was founded in 2006 and trains 55 young men and women at a time for three years. The education is equivalent to a high school education. The facilities are first class and provide a safe environment twenty-four hours a day. Most of these young people graduate and then proceed to plant new churches and move productively into the Cambodian community.

These young people learn English, the Bible, how to play an instrument, how to lead, as well as the traditional subjects taught in standard curriculums. They participate in serving and learning at the Leadership Training Institute (LTI) and are given other opportunities as well.

When American young people come to the Hope For Cambodia campus, great friendships have developed with the students of the Hope Bible Institute.

Personal Testimony
“On the trips I have taken with several of our young adults, it has been the bonding that occurred with the students of the Hope Bible Institute that has led to the most tears when it is time to depart and to the cementing of determination to serve God and others, especially of those who do not have the advantages most of us have.”
—Jim Price, Pastor of Diamond Canyon Christian Church, Diamond Bar, California.

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