The Hope For Cambodia Story

Hope For Cambodia is an umbrella mission with several ministries.  The goal of Hope For Cambodia is “A Christian Church in every town and village in Cambodia.”  Here are the ministries of this organization.

  • Church Planting.     Over 150 churches have been established since 1992.  Cambodia is slightly smaller that the state of Oklahoma and these new churches are now spread over 20% of the country, mostly in the northwest.  The average Sunday attendance of these churches is over 7,500.  In each of them, the gospel is shared by native Cambodians in the Khmer language.
  • Leadership Training (LTI).     Twice a year, 300-400 church workers are brought to the Leadership Training Institute facility for one and two week periods of intensive training and fellowship.  Worship and classes go five days a week solid from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.  Then a needed time of fellowship and fun unite the church workers in Christian friendship and care.  Prayer time abounds during this week.  Problems of pastoring in a heavily Buddhist poverty culture are shared and resolved.  Guidance and encouragement are given.  This Leadership Training Institute is the core support for these church workers.
  • Hope Bible Institute (HBI).  The Hope Bible Institute was founded in 2006 and trains 55 young men and women at a time for three years.  The facilities are first class and provide a safe environment.  Many of these young people graduate and then proceed to plant new churches.
  • Children’s Bible Translation and Evangelism Ministry.  Hope For Cambodia was given the rights to translate and publish the NIV Children’s Bible with the same beautiful artwork in the English language versions.  Poe and Molly Ouklore did the translation and lead a dynamic children’s evangelistic ministry in the villages of Cambodia.
  • Mission/Vision Trips.  It is possible for mission/vision trips to be scheduled in conjunction with the Leadership Training Institute.  Participants will need to fully fund their lodging and other expenses at a nearby very nice hotel for a very minimal cost.  This can be a life-changing encounter with the great God who has blessed this ministry.