How You Can Participate

You CAN get involved!  


There are several ways you can further God’s work and reach people in Cambodia.  You will be blessed no matter what level of involvement you can do.  And the way God often works is he multiplies our steps of faith.  A little becomes much.   As you become a help in changing the world, God will help your life expand to be more useful wherever you are—your church, your family, in missions, in your community, in your life.  As you step out to get involved, your life will benefit and grow.   You can change the world.


Hope For Cambodia is a ministry that preaches Christ, plants churches, provides for pastors, educates high school students, translates the Scriptures, and reaches children.  The ultimate goal of Hope For Cambodia is to insure that every village and town has a Christian Church.   At the present time, an incredible window of opportunity and responsiveness exists in Cambodia.  But the history of Cambodia has taught us that windows open and windows close.  Our goal to maximize whatever time God and Cambodia give us to plant the faith “once and for all delivered”.  Please join hands with us and get involved in this great endeavor.  Here are a few of the ways…

1.       Become a financial supporter.

Hope For Cambodia has operated on a shoestring since it’s founding.  Christopher LaPel has never been paid a salary.  His trips and expenses have been funded, but he has received no salary as of 2013.  We need to bring Christopher on as a full-time leader of this ministry in order to continue it’s growth and effectiveness.   You can help tremendously by becoming a regular supporter.  We need churches to step up big time to make this possible.  With the two pastor training sessions each year fully funded by the ministry, the high school, 150 churches, and all the other facets; this is a big ministry.

2.       Become a prayer warrior for this ministry.

The prayer of the righteous is powerful and effective.”  Hope For Cambodia needs all the prayers you can muster!  We love those prayer warriors who take the people of Cambodia and this ministry to our Lord in prayer!

3.       Come with us to Cambodia on one of our mission/vision trips.

We would love to show you first-hand how Hope for Cambodia is impacting  this exotic Southeast Asian nation and will be reaching other countries from this base.  Be prepared for high humidity!  But you will be housed comfortably, love the people, be inspired, taste some good food, and be newly impressed with how big God is and how powerfully he is working.  You can also spend a couple of days visiting the World Heritage Site of Ankgor Wat—one of the most sought after tourist trips in the world (think Indiana Jones and Tomb Raider).

4.       Spread the word about Hope For Cambodia.

Although Hope For Cambodia/Christopher LaPel has been written about in TIME magazine, at the Saddleback Community Church, The Phnom Penh Post, and Inside HIU (Hope International University); this ministry is still largely unknown.   Not having had a paid full-time leader has meant that the word has not spread as it should have.  We are doing our best to rectify that.  You can help.  Pass the word along about what is happening in this strategic emerging Southeast Asian country.